We are a small company to develop sound solutions
for museums, offices, public rooms, private places etc.
So we design a sound system, record new sounds
or use our library and make all that work for a long time.
Our music library consists nature ambience, room tones,
working environments, foleys etc.
Our favourite workhorse – RØDE NT2a
Very quiet and natural-sounding mic

Our services are:

Sound system design
• we create a sound environment
• we create a sound system for any installation
• we find components for your needs
• and make them work ;)

Sound recording
• production sound mixing and boom operator service for movie, TV, video
• multitrack recording
• field- and ambience recording

Audio post production
• For the recording you already have
• TV-show
• documentary, movie

Audio digitalization
• Reading audio from old ferro-tapes, cassettes
• Organizing files to HDD, SDD, SD
• Creating CD, also multiplication with cover design

Sound designer–engineer:
Taisto Uuslail / stuudio[ät]helisen.ee / +372 55 44 397